Things you should know about Carpet Seam Repair Hobart

Carpets are large in size. They are installed across the length of your rooms. The seams are fixed using carpet tapes that give a great finishing to your house. However, many a time the carpet seams remain nearly visible that is because of the carpet quality or poor installation.

Your carpet seams should not be easily noticeable. If they are then you may require carpet seam repair services or need to get it fixed using DIY tricks. Moreover, there are a lot of things you should know about carpet seams before blindly following the instructions for fixing them.

Let’s understand what damages your carpet seams!

  • Faulty Sealing- faulty installation and sealing are one the most frequent reason behind carpet seam damage. When the edges of carpets aren’t fixed together properly one of them is likely to tear apart. Some carpets last long, while others may fall apart the day after a new one is installed.
  • Low-Quality Product- From among carpets and adhesive any product can be of low quality. Also, when low-quality adhesivesand seam tapes are used the carpet seams will break apart. So, whenever you are considering carpet installation avoid going for cheap carpets.
  • High Traffic- Traffic level and age are the causes of carpet seam splits. If the carpet has been subjected to wear and tear and is quite old, the seams are likely to crack and tear apart.

Although the carpet seams are quite durable, they won’t last for generations and are subjected to a lot of traffic and dust.Theseams start to get damaged and will ultimately split apart over time and with chronic wear and tear.

Regular carpet steam cleaning Hobart is the key to maintaining a great carpet at home.

Now, let’s learn about the fix carpet seam repairprocess that you can try at home!

Repairing carpet seam at home should be considered when the majority of the portion looks fine and a small area needs fixing. Minor seam damages are often caused by over-melting of the carpets adhesive that happens due to several reasons like changing temperature and high traffic.

Inspection- you need to inspect the condition of your carpet before proceeding with carpet seam repair. Check if the adhesive tape has melted or there are other problems with the carpet seams. Fix the source of the problem first.

Glue the Gap- For fixing the carpet seams you need to use either industrial tape or latex glue. These tapes work best when the carpet seams damage occurs because of water damage or flooding. You need to put some heavyweight on the carpets and leave it for at least 2-4 hours after applying the tape.

Installation of Fresh Seam- You can even stick the two parts of carpets together with a fresh new seam. This is done with carpet seam tape, a seam roller for carpet, and a seaming iron. To speed up the drying process, the tape is cautiouslyplaced under the worn-out seam and a hot iron is used to fix the seam tape.

The two carpet edges are pulled together when the iron moves down the seam, and you should use your carpet tractor to press the carpet so it can get glued to the adhesive.

After successfully repairing the carpet seams, you should carefully place some heavy weights on the carpet seams and let them rest overnight.

Call Professionals

Performing carpet seam repair is not a difficult task, however, it requires skills and resources. In case you lack the time or don’t want to take a risk with your carpets, hire experts for carpet seam repair in Hobart. Let professionals do the job at your convenience.

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