Keeping the carpet without any care can break its seams and ruin the fabric permanently. To avoid this, it would be best to hire carpet steam cleaning Hobart team from time to time.

People often re-glue the area where the seam is breaking, but it is not a permanent solution. To make sure the seam-breaking problem gets resolved completely, hiring professionals at a reasonable price would be best.

Common Mistakes With Carpet Seam

Carpet installation is always tricky, and if not installed properly, you may need to call a carpet seam repair Hobart team more frequently than usual. Laying a carpet seam is a task that only professionals can do in a safe and effective manner without ruining the carpet. Some common mistakes with carpet seam include:

  • Seam Peaking: People often make the biggest mistake with seam peaks. It is a response of the carpet when stretched across the seam or perpendicular to it. To avoid pressure and peaking, it would be best if you make sure the carpet is stretched parallel to the seam.
  • Seam Shadows: Another issue common with carpets are seam shadows. It happens when the light coming from the window casts a shadow striking the seam. These shadows make the seam look more prevalent. So, it would be best if you do not expose your valuable carpet to strong lighting or open windows, especially where the seams are.
  • Seam Splitting: People often make the mistake of keeping the seam in areas with higher foot traffic. We recommend you use a pad along a cushion that does not split from constant movement on the carpet. Also, use a seam roller while creating seams as it helps create pressure against the seams and force melted adhesive. It would be best if you create a firm flat base to ensure the piece of plywood under the seam is getting proper backing while you press the seam into the glue.
  • Seams Unraveling: To avoid unraveling of the seam, cut the tuft rows during carpet installation. Improper sealing of the seam edges can also cause unraveling seams. So, do not forget to press the sealing iron into the seam firmly.
  • Discoloured Seams: Experts suggest using a moderately heated sealing iron along with a heat shield. Also, never have your setting more than a 3 or 4 otherwise, your seams will get discolured.

Tips To Extend Your Carpet Life

Reduce Exposure to Direct Sunlight

The UV rays coming from direct sunlight can not only fade your carpet quickly but also ruin the seams over time. While removing furniture from the carpeted floor, you may easily notice the fading, which is not usually visible.

If you take months or years to arrange the furniture, constant foot traffic and the sun will damage and fade the carpeted area around the furniture. Direct exposure to sunlight can literally bake the fiber of the carpet, change its texture to brittle, and make it decompose.

So, make sure to have shades or blinds that block the entry of light directly on the carpet. Moving around your furniture every once in a while can also prevent the sunlight concentrated in one spot.

Shoe Free Zone

Even if you think your shoes are all clean, avoid stepping on the carpet while wearing them. Dirt, oils, and small insects attach themselves to the bottom of your shoe and accompany contaminants in the house.

Use Right Doormat

Doormat is more like the first line of defense again all the pollutants that may come inside. Keeping your carpet clean is one of the best ways to save the seams from breaking.

Avoid Harsh Stain Removal Products

There are multiple products available in the market that claims to remove stains, spills, and odours, and they even stick to their commitment at times. But, the harshness of such products can ruin your fabric and break the seams.

So, it would be best to make a smart decision and hire a cheap carpet steam cleaning Hobart team to carry out the cleaning task as they use safe and eco-friendly products.

Leave Your Carpet To Professionals

For carpet seam repair, you must hire professionals as they offer not only exclusive services but also recommend expert tips on carpet care and maintenance.

Metro Carpet Repair Hobart is one of the leading service providers when it comes to carpet seam repair. Their expert professionals can add life to your valuable fabric without any hassle.

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